'The most cutting-edge book available for financial planners today'
The Client-Centred Financial Adviser
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The ultimate guide to building high-trust, high profit relationships and a thriving practice

What Is This Book About?

The real key to thriving as a financial professional in a rapidly changing business environment is helping your clients get what they really want from life.

This book goes beyond strategies, tools and techniques and shares a revolutionary new understanding of the human mind.

It clearly demonstrates that it is not just what you do but your way of being that really impacts your clients and builds exceptional relationships. 

It is a highly refreshing approach because it shows you that you already have everything you need to create the business and the life you want.
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 Here's What Advisers Are Saying:
"If you've been frustrated by your inability to make the progress you want, or spent ages trying to incorporate other people's ideas into your business and been left more confused than ever this book is truly eye opening." Ian Kemp, Certified Financial Planner 
"John takes you beyond techniques and into a deeper understanding of why our way of being is the most important factor in creating high trust relationships. If you want to make a bigger impact with your clients then enjoy what this book reveals to you and enjoy the results." Simon Booth, MD, Foresight Independent Financial Planning
"John shares a life-changing understanding in a way that is engaging, thought provoking and makes ultimate sense. It challenges our conventional wisdom, which is why I highly recommend reading this book." Geoff Buckland, Chartered Financial Planner
"Essential listening for advisers who want to know how to build exceptional client relationships on purpose."
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Ground-breaking Book:
  • A revolutionary new understanding of the human mind that helps you unlock more of your potential and connect with clients in a way that conveys the utmost trust.
  • Why your psychological functioning is the key to building deep trust, rapport and credibility.   
  • How you sharpen the 'improvement curve' and more rapidly build the kind of business you have always wanted to build, working with clients who are a joy to serve.
  • The three levels of relationship you can build with clients and why level 3 relationships are the key to a healthy, sustainable and predictable business that gives you confidence in the future. 
  • A new way of listening that will transform your relationships by allowing you to understand and, therefore, serve your clients in deeper and more creative ways.  
  • How to engage your clients in powerful conversations that get right to the very core of what matters most to them and enables your advice to be even more relevant and impactful. 
  • The experience of 5 successful client-centred advisers who have contributed chapters to the book.
  • Breakthrough previous limitations by having the understanding that allows you to transcend doubt, discouragement and fearful thinking.  
  • How filling your practice with the right clients begins in the mind. By putting clients right at the centre and making about them, all of the time, then marketing and selling become enjoyable rather than something to fear.
  • The mind-set behind the fee conversation that allows you to ask for strong fees with confidence. The one thing that needs to happen to increase your fees and have clients say "yes!".  
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